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Blazing Saddles Bike Rentals


Not only our customers but media also has good things to say about Blazing Saddles!

USA Today states :

“The city’s hilly terrain can be difficult for beginners, but the rewards are many, and behind every corner there’s a cool breeze to refresh even the most exhausted rider. Since 1985, Blazing Saddles has rented bikes and provided tours to the city’s bicycle-oriented visitors. The tour leaves at 10 a.m. from Fort Mason, near the coastline. It continues through Golden Gate Park and continues through the Presidio. After a break, the tour culminates with a jaunt across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. After the three-hour, 8-mile tour, visitors are allowed to keep their bikes for the rest of the day. That is, if they have any energy left to ride. As of early 2010 the tour costs $59, which includes the bike rental fee. For people less sure on their feet, Blazing Saddles offers an electric bike tour alternative.”

source: USA Today

Furthermore, noted journalist Tracy Gallagher wrote about her Blazing Saddles experience! She states:

“We rented bikes for our two older kids, and my youngest sat in a cart attached to my bike.

From there we took one of the most picturesque rides from Ghiradelli Square…through Aquatic Park..all along the bay. You have a great view of Alcatraz…and sailboats dotting the water. Go forward through Fort Mason….then to the Marina Green.

By the way – all of this is easy to find because there is one main MOSTLY FLAT bike path which you simply follow…and secondly because our bikes came equipped with GPS attached to our handle bars. Pretty nifty.”

source: Tracy Gallagher

Heard about our Electric Bike?

As published on Daily Candy,

“It’s Electric!

Ultra Motor’s A2B Electric Bike Rentals at Blazing Saddles

You’ve cruised on a banana seat (with streamers flying off the handlebars), coasted on a fixed gear (with your hair flying in the wind), and rolled on a Vespa (with emissions flying out the rear end).

Take your pedal to a whole new level on the new A2B electric bike from Ultra Motor.

Now available for daily rental at Blazing Saddles in North Beach, the ecofriendly cruisers have silent motors that go up to twenty miles per hour for twenty miles. Complete with storage bags, the speedy models are bright yellow. And, nope, you don’t need a special license to ride.

Word is, they’re the next big thing in urban transportation.

At the very least, they’re some hot wheels.

Available at Blazing Saddles, 2715 Hyde Street, between North Point and Beach Streets (415-202-8888 or blazingsaddles.com). For more information, go to ultramotor.com. Mention DailyCandy to get $20 off your rental until the end of April.”

source : Daily Candy


Take a look at what some of our happy customers have to say!

I was in San Francisco last week and rented a road bike from you twice, and I wanted to let you know that you exceeded my expectations. The experience was great! Your staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the equipment was in perfect shape. I’ll recommend you to anyone I know heading your direction. Thanks again.
Eric M.

Awesome. I hadn’t been on a bike in 8 years and they really made sure I was comfortable on the bike before I got going. Also made sure I knew exactly where I was going.
Briony D. San Francisco, CA

Outstanding operation. Fast, efficient, friendly.
Dave B. Marietta, GA

Very cool operation … no nonsense rentals (bike locks included so you can explore on foot), good prices as well. The recommended rides are spectacular, will give you a decent workout without being exhausting. Make sure to stop in Sausilito for lunch and crab chowder.
Nick P. San Francisco, CA

These guys are GREAT! If you have someone visiting you from out of town and they didn’t bring their super bright, sparkly fixie with a unicorn dingy bell…well then, you must bring them here! For a mere $28/day or $7/hour they will rent you a rugged Marin with a dingy bell, lock, helmet (coz yr brain is important) as well as toss in a map, ferry pass and water!
Colleen B. San Francisco, CA

As someone who likes to pride themselves on efficiency – I give credit where credit is due to Blazing Saddles. The staff is well versed on the routes with a wealth of information / advice for both the Bay Area local and the tourists. But what I was most impressed with were the attention to details…
Kathleen W. Albany, CA

The journey is incredible. You see quite a bit of the waterfront that you wouldn’t otherwise see on foot. The staff was helpful and entertaining. Sometimes that path got a bit vague but pretty easy to figure out (especially if there is an army of Blazing Saddles riders as was the day we did it). Biking across the bridge was worth every penny…
Mike M. WA